The Newbie

Nearly everything in my life is brand-spankin-new. I’m a new wife. I’m a new mom. I’m a new fitness freak. Everything feels new… and I like it.

Change is not something I’m usually afraid of (unless it has to do with the new stretchmarks on my stomach). I like to embrace these new challenges and choose to see them as adventures rather than obstacles. With all the new, I’ve decided to start a blog to express where I’m at and maybe connect with people who feel the same way

Here are 10 things you should know about me:

  1. I LOVE Jesus
  2. I am happily married (1.5 years)
  3. We just had our first child (Boy)
  4. I LOVE being a mom
  5. I have scoliosis corrected by a spinal fusion operation when I was 12
  6. I like healthy food
  7. Always looking to save money
  8. Cooking is my favorite pass time (besides making cooing sounds with my 2 month old)

So, now here I am new to blog life. Let’s see where this goes…


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