Summer Infant: What to Buy and What Not to Buy

My hubby and I planned to have our first in spring/early summer. It was all for selfish reasons, I wanted to take my maternity during nice weather. I dreamed of mommy and baby walks, days spent outside, and lots of fresh air. Little did i know that maternity leave is hardly spent walking and the warm air is usually a sweltering heat.

Keeping your infant cool and comfortable is a challege. For us, we spent a lot of picnic days in the shade of a tree or walking to find AC every 30 minutes. Eventually you figure out how to handle such hot days. Here are a few things I wish I had bought/put on my registry before I had our son and those I wish I had saved my money on.

  1. Infant Hat

Finding a hat to fit my tiny baby’s head was really hard. I looked EVERY WHERE! Even Babies R Us didn’t carry a hat small enough for Jack’s tiny head. After searching high and low Amazon came to the rescue.

This hat was only $19.99 and had an adjustable strap in the back that would grow with his head. Babies grow so quickly in the first few months that its worth it to invest in something that adjust more than by a few weeks of growth. Jack has used this hat since week 3 and is going on to week 14 now.

  1. Sunscreen

Jack hates wearing sunscreen, but it is a must. He has really sensitive skin so we use Aveeno sensitive skin sunscreen. This typically works best for him. I learned on our first trip out to apply it before we even leave the house and before he gets dressed. The less hassle in the heat the better.

  1. Baby Powder

I didn’t believe it, but it’s true, baby powder is amazing at getting dirt and sand off of your baby’s sensitive skin. Heck! It worked on mine! Doesn’t matter what brand, just buy it.

  1. Battery operated fan

I had no idea how much I needed this until I bought one. A Battery operated fan is a must. Our first beach trip be placed jack in his car seat carrier, a blanket over top, and the portable fan at his feet. He slept for an hour content as could be. Not only did it provide a nice cool breeze but it provided a familiar white noise since we keep a fan on in his room at night. We now keep one for simple days in the sun, like a quick picnic. (Word to the wise, don’t let it drop in the sand… you’ll need to buy a new one)

  1. Ear Muffs

A lot of people don’t associate summer with loud noises. I know I didn’t. Once you have a baby, every noise becomes a sonic boom. My hubby and I attended an air show without these (Stupid, I know). We didn’t attend fireworks, but they were definitely bought for the upcoming concert we’ll be attending. I’ll let you know how that works out.

  1. Baby sun tent

BEST PURCHASE EVER! It’ll grow with your baby and keep the sun far-far away from their precious skin. However, if it’s a really windy day, you might want to just skip the beach. The tent will only be carried away (another lesson I wish I hadn’t learned).

Make sure the tent is large enough to fit a chair inside. Your baby will want to nurse, get changed, be held, and have play time. These things can’t be done in the sun, so make sure you can fit.

  1. Solly Wrap

This wrap has been a life saver since week 1. Jack loves being close, this wrap allows it while keeping him cool and feels like mommy’s arms are wrapped around him. It’s breathable and light, perfect for any warm day. My favorite part is that I can wear Jackson when he wants to be held and keep the sun off his precious skin.

Now, I am in no way a perfect mother. I’ve received many gifts and purchased items that I thought would work and turned out were just a waste of my money.

Note: What didn’t work for me may work fo you.

What NOT to Buy

  1. Swim Trunks

I didn’t think it at the time, but any child under 3 months during summer time don’t bother buying swimming outfits. They won’t be swimming at 6 weeks and you won’t want them in the sun that long. Not to mention your baby will be growing so fast that what fit at the beginning of the summer won’t fit at the end. If you do put them in water, a onesie works just as well. This is only my preference. To each his own.

  1. Sunscreen Stick

As I mentioned before, my baby hates putting on sunscreen and he hates the sunscreen stick even more! Don’t waste your time with it, just get the lotion. The stick gets goopy and melts everywhere when it’s in your bag. Maybe I used the wrong kind… All I know is I won’t be buying it again

  1. Spray bottle

I read somewhere to buy a spray bottle for the baby during summer. My little guy didn’t like it. It left him confused and uncomfortable (or so I gathered from his cries). His older cousin of 4 months enjoyed it. For an infant in the summer – skip it.


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