5 Winter Baby Needs

As a first time mom I’m quickly learning my baby’s needs. The best way to save money is to stick with needs, not wants. Those cute clothes are awesome, but your baby will be out of them before you know it. I can honestly say I’ve only bought 2 outfits at full price and they were 1) Christmas and 2) the outfit we brought Jack home in.

Here are a few items I feel were needs for Jack during these cold winter months.

  1. N’Ice Caps Little Boys and Baby Sherpa Lined Fleece Winter Hat and Mitten Set (3-6mo, Navy/Royal Infant)“>Baby Winter Hat and Mittens

This hat is great because it covers the ears and neck. The strap provides security needed to ensure your baby doesn’t pull it off. Added bonus: You can use the straps to attach it to your bag. If you lose things as often as I do, you’ll really appreciate it!

2. William Carter Baby Girls Hooded Fleece Jumpsuit“>Fleece Body Suit

Stick with neutral clothes when buying for items like winter body suits, hats, and other outdoor items. You’ll need to keep your baby warm and if you plan on having more kids you’ll be happy you ordered a neutral color. I ordered a size bigger than I thought I’d need because I was sure Jack would have his everyday outfit on under

3. Elevin(TM)Baby Girl Boy Soft Sole Crib Shoes Anti-slip Prewalker Shoes Snow Boots (6~12M, Gray)“>Winter Booties

Cold feet = a cold baby.

While your baby may not be walking, imagine when you’re outside with just your socks on. It’s cold. These booties are great for in the house too. He have tile floor, so when Jack is in his jumper they keep his feet nice and warm.

For a smaller baby try these Zutano Unisex Baby Cozie Fleece Bootie, Gray, 6 Months“>booties


4. JJ Cole Jj Cole Original Bundleme, Infant Graphite“>Winter Car Seat Cover

Okay, winter travel with your baby stinks. Expect extra time to heat the car, bundle up baby, and pack extra blankets for warmth. While a car seat over stinks while you’re strapping in your baby, this has been a life saver! Safety experts recommend not putting your baby in their car seat with a jacket on, this cover is a great compromise.

5. Gerber Infant Boys’ Hooded Micro Fleece Jacket,Blue,6-9 Months“>Fleece zip up

This fleece zip up is a great quick jacket when we run over to Granny’s!


Planning A Winter Garden


First snow! Side view of greenhouse.

One of our many dreams is to have a working winter garden. Basically, a large greenhouse with all kinds of veggies to grow all year long. It’s a thrilling experience to becoming a self sufficient household… But, I need your help.

  1. What should we plant?!

My husband and I have spent a few weeks brainstorming the best things to grow in a greenhouse over the winter months. The north east is known for it’s ability to grow tomatoes, herbs, corn and soy… I’m not growing corn or soy.

Here are some things I was planning on growing.

  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Tomatoes
  • Snow Peas

What am I missing?

2.  Organization

Our greenhouse looks like crap right now. The plastic has tares everywhere and we have A LOT of weeding to do. Once the initial work is done we need to work on planning out the inside space. I’d like to utilize as much as possible. Do we have hanging plants and where? Do I build shelving? How big should each garden be?



3. Heating

Lucky for me, my father has a year round greenhouse. He uses old water radiators and a wood burning furnace to heat the water. My question is, are there better ways to heat? I’m looking for cheap, not as labor intensive, and efficient.

I’m open to all suggestions! Leave your advice in the comments!


Looking Back to Move Forward

In 2016 I was pushed to every limit I thought I had. I spent months not knowing I was suffering from the post baby blues. We moved into our first home, tackled a home renovation, moved forward with my career, and had my first panic attack in over 5 years. This year I had my first child! A year that I thought would break me turned out to be a year that made me stronger.

I’d like to say I did it all on my own. That every trial overcome was done by some deep down strength inside me that I never knew I had… That’s not true. In fact, my strength came from my willingness to let go of control and allow God to show me the importance of interdependence.

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