This weekend was a big weekend for our little family. Friday afternoon, to my great pleasure, I landed safely in DC after a 12 hour flight from Switzerland (someone really needs to work on making economy seats more comfortable). 5 days away from Tim and Jack was entirely too long. I’m so grateful for a husband who can transition seamlessly into the “Mr. Mom” role. I am such a lucky lady.

Saturday, we were blessed with good weather and the real work began. Tim took off all of the old ripped plastic, making headway for the new plastic. He was able to do a lot of prep work like take out the old tracks and saving/cleaning the old hardware to be reused. To our surprise Tim found a ton of dead bees. Maybe some honey harvesting is in our future?


Sunday we were awakened by rain and wind. We spend part of the morning watching Hacksaw Ridge (great movie!). By noon the rain and wind stopped and Tim was able to work again. Now, this wasn’t a one man job. My dad and two brothers dedicated their afternoon to helping us.

They took the first layer of plastic and attached strong clamps. On each clamp rope was attached and thrown over the top of the greenhouse. Starting at  one end most of the man power was used to hoist the plastic off the ground. Careful not to rip through the plastic my dad pulled the rope, guiding the plastic over the top. Each layer of plastic took about and hour to complete.

Tow layers of plastic later, a few fans, and lots of adhesion we have the gorgeous beginnings of a new greenhouse! Despite a night with over 60 mile per hour winds the new plastic is still in place! Success! The sides and heaters are next. We’ll keep you posted.


Greenhouse Progress!

2 thoughts on “Greenhouse Progress!

  1. Do you have an inflation fan between the two layers of plastic. If not, get one. It will save major dollars on heating bills….I had commercial greenhouses at my herb farm, so I have the figures to prove it. Our first greenhouse came without one, and after we added it, the bill was less than 1/3 of the first year, with similar winter temps.


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