Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day can be overrated and sometimes leave us wishing we had gotten the huge teddy bear like the picture we saw on social media. Valentine’s day isn’t meant to be public. Valentine’s day should be seen as a day to reignite your genuine love for each other and a reminder to care for the ones you love.

For Valentine’s day I like to slow down. Cook a meal with love, write a letter, and spend a night holding hands and talking. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but your time is more valuable.

Try these cheap and meaningful things for valentine’s day. 

  1. Make a homemade dinner. I love a good steak and potatoes! This is extra special if you aren’t the main cook in the family
  2. Write a letter to each person in your family, telling them how much they mean to you.
  3. Play a game with your spouse. Phase 10 or hand-and-foot are games we really get into.
  4. Run a bath with some delightful bath bombs and light some candles.
  5. Make a sheet fort in your family room and watch a movie

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