On the “Road” to Success (Greenhouse Update)


We’ve had yet another monumental week! Jack cut his first tooth, which surprisingly has made him sleep through the night for the last 4 nights. That makes me a very happy Mama. He’s growing  up so fast and we have a feeling he’ll be walking before his first birthday. Time will tell.

Jack watching the big machines making the new road.

 *Red rain boots in photo can be found here

The greenhouse is coming along. Tim has been reading up on how to best utilize the space which makes me a proud wife. 2 years ago I thought I was marrying a really handsome and funny chemist, little did I know I was marrying Mr.Fix-it! He is working on a list of fruits and veggies to grow that are low cost and high in profit. So far, tomatoes and basil have made the list. I’m trying to convince him to write a post on his methodology.
We’ve had a lot of discussions about the steps forward. We need a barn, road, tractor, and many other key tools to making this all work. One of the major (and slightly costly) steps is a road back to the greenhouse. Since we’ve moved in, we have been walking back to the greenhouse through the field. Delaware is one of those lovely places where every time it rains your yard becomes a swamp. A road was a necessity. We invested the money in a recycled material road, I love the end result. We are already feeling the positive effects!

I sometimes feel overwhelmed by all of the changes happening in our lives, but I know that we are on the right “road”. I’m encouraged by my husbands enthusiasm and we’re growing so much closer as a couple. I’m really looking forward to the day we get to start weeding and harvesting the fruits and veggies! I have so many delicious dinners planned. Pesto has made the list!

Oh – We are also hoping to get a kitten in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “On the “Road” to Success (Greenhouse Update)

  1. Add elders! From my one bush I get quarts of dried flowers (for medicinal teas, cocktails, etc.) and 7-8 batches of elderberry jelly, plus enough to make a batch of immune boosting elderberry syrup. No care, no pruning…just give it a sunny space (and it can tolerate a bit of sogginess on occasion.) Good luck with all your projects! I’ve been where you are, starting over in the country at that stage (tiny tots, etc.) I never regretted it, although it was lots of work, but satisfying.

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