Blooming Holland in Philadelphia

On Saturday we took the day to return to the city where we first met, Philadelphia. For the first time ever we attended Philadelphia’s Flower Show 2017. There was so much to explore we couldn’t possibly see it all! The crowds alone made walking around feel like you were in permanent human traffic. The smells, colors, and beauty of blooming flowers was just the event we needed on a cold winter day!

The theme this year was Holland. Being the WWII history buff that I am and part Dutch I loved the theme. There were so many bikes, cows, shoes, and native flowers to Holland. Besides the amazing colors and smells there was a great space for local businesses to buy a space and sell their goods. My favorite shop was the dried flower shop (dried flowers are so under rated). I’ll be making a wreath and center piece soon.

I don’t know if we’ll return next year. The massive amount of people and indoor setting made it all seem superficial. If you decide to go, keep the stroller (and maybe the kids) at home. My advice, If you want to see real flower beauty in the Philadelphia area, try visiting `Longwood Gardens this spring and summer. Their winter indoor green house will make you swoon with envy.

These were made from wood!



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