Family Progress.. Big News!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage… right? In our case that is exactly what happened, two fold! Yup! Baby #2 will be arriving around October 2nd, 2017!!

In January, Tim and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We felt complete. We have Jack, our new land, and each other, what else could our little family need? Everything was coming together so beautifully. On our anniversary date night, I expressed to Tim how much I wanted to wait to have another baby. My last pregnancy was more than rough, it was brutal. With multiple visits to the ER and feeling traumatized by giving birth, I didn’t feel ready to welcome a new little one into our family. Three (3) years was the perfect waiting period for another baby.

On the morning of our anniversary (January 24th), I realized I was a day late. With natural family planning you begin to know your body better than you ever thought you could. I had noticed I felt different in the days before. Thinking I had control over everything in my life, I thought it was impossible. But, I took a pregnancy test just to make sure I could safely drink the glass of wine at our homemade anniversary dinner that night. Tim was planing with Jack in the family room, I took the test, and while I was doing my makeup I looked down at the test expecting a negative only to see “PREGNANT” in all caps.


It has taken me a few weeks to realize how much of a blessing this new baby is. My “plan” didn’t include a baby. God’s plan did. Fast forward 9 weeks (13 weeks pregnant currently), the completion we felt as a family in January has magnified. We are so in love with this new baby and all that he/she signifies! Sure, things happened a little fast, but that’s the point of NFP. We want to be open to God’s will. He knows better than us.

I feel lucky to have a beautiful little boy, a caring husband, and a rapidly growing family. I dream of working on our little farm together and teaching our littles the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our lives continue to be busy with work, surgeries for me (wisdom teeth removal), and getting the greenhouse ready. Here’s to hard work and a life filled with love! [Cheers with my imaginary and greatly missed glass of blush wine]



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