A Completed Project: Barn

This week we FINALLY have a completed barn! A 7 month planning project and an additional 5 weeks of labor, we are excited to have a completed masterpiece! It wasn’t hard to know that we needed a barn when we bought the house. Our poor greenhouse spent most of it’s summer covering the tractors, tools, and other items that needed storm protection. So, while the completion of the Barn delayed our planting season, it expedited house projects that probably wouldn’t have been completed.

The structure design of the Barn was all Tim. There are two side barn doors and a garage door in the front. He added two additional people doors for easy access and chose the spot to place the barn. I’m impressed by my husband’s planning abilities. #winner

The colors he kindly left to me. I chose not to go with the same colors as our house, because… I don’t like the color of our house. I like bold colors on the exteriors of homes and calm colors on the inside. I chose the barn colors based on my imaginary and free update I would do on the outside of our house; Navy blue siding and a gray roof. We aren’t rich so while my dream home will have black accented windows and cedar shutters, the barn people doors are white, windows have white trim, and the big garage door is white. Over all, the barn looks stunning and provides us with the much needed work space we didn’t have.

My next project will be to plan the landscaping around the barn. Perennials for the busy family are a must, and we’re thinking about planting more blackberry bushes. I’ll always plant annual flowers in the spring, but for now, we’ll go for function over beauty. Any good suggestions for North East plants?

A clean greenhouse!



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