How do You Save Money?

I’m looking for ways to save money as a young family. There always seems to be a new cost creeping up on me. With a new baby on the way, we will be looking at more diapers and wipes! With this pregnancy my nesting phase isn’t focused so much on getting the nursery ready (because, it already is) but on how we can afford what’s coming.

Luckily, with baby #2 being a boy (!), we are able to save a lot of money on clothes. Despite Gideon due 2 seasons after Jack was born the clothing needs will be different. I think I can get away with what we have. I’m hoping this means only a few minor purchases of long-sleeve onsies. I make it a point to never buy new baby clothes since they grow so quickly. I know I can do more.

My main concerns for saving money are related to food, clothing, and diapering these littles of mine. BRING ON the tips and comments with how you’ve saved money as a family.

Here are a few key questions I have:

  • What do you do to save on food costs?
  • Do you grow certain foods in the summer to save for the winter?
  • How do you budget in the occasional date night dinner or family fun outing?
  • Where do you shop/how do you shop to save money on clothes?
  • What is the right price for diapers?
  • Do you use reusable diapers? How?

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